community abend

Thu, 14.06 Music and Mental Health – Music Pool Berlin Community Evening x dBs Music

  • Posted on: 14 June 2018
  • By: musicpool intern
You must have lived on another planet for the last 5 years or so, if you haven’t noticed yet that the music business has a mental health problem. With the loss...

Music Pool Berlin x Independent Label Market (Berlin) x Torstrassen Festival – Community Evening

  • Posted on: 11 June 2018
  • By: musicpool intern
A few pictures from our latest Community Evening! It was really nice to see the Volksbühne Roter Salon so packed, thanks to our community for participating and...

Wed, 02/ 05 Community Abend _ Machine listening: Applications of AI to Music _ Music Pool Berlin x re:publica18

  • Posted on: 2 May 2018
  • By: musicpool intern
This Music Pool Berlin community evening at re:publica is about present and future impacts of machine learning applications to music, with a focus on a...

Don, 16.06 Music Pool Berlin Community Abend: Pressearbeit aus der Sicht von MusikjournalistInnen 19:30 Uhr

  • Posted on: 14 June 2016
  • By: Andrea Goetzke
Warum werden manche Bands im Radio gespielt und andere nicht? Nach welchen Kriterien wählen MusikredakteurInnen von online und Print Medien aus über welche...