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Don, 16.06 Music Pool Berlin Community Abend: Pressearbeit aus der Sicht von MusikjournalistInnen 19:30 Uhr

  • Posted on: 14 June 2016
  • By: Andrea Goetzke
Warum werden manche Bands im Radio gespielt und andere nicht? Nach welchen Kriterien wählen MusikredakteurInnen von online und Print Medien aus über welche...

Brian Turner, music director of WFMU freeform radio station, shares his experiences on Tuesday 25 November

  • Posted on: 23 November 2014
  • By: Andrea Goetzke
On Tuesday, 25 November, Brian Turner, music director of the freeform radio station WFMU, will share his experiences with radio programming in a public...

Music Pool Berlin Community Abend #6 - Composing for Film - on the example of Only Lovers Left Alive

  • Posted on: 2 October 2014
  • By: Andrea Goetzke
We are really excited to have composer Jozef van Wissem over for a talk on composing for film - at our next community evening on Monday 13th October...

A summary of the DIY concert/party promotion/organization in Berlin evening at ACUD

  • Posted on: 5 June 2014
  • By: Andrea Goetzke
The topic of DIY concert and party organization/promotion in Berlin attracted lots of interest – around 70 people, mostly organizers/promoters themselves as...