For all questions about the music business and for help planning your own professional career, you can contact Music Pool Berlin.

How does it work:

For a free consulting appointment:

Please register via our web form (see below), select Consulting under "Select" and fill out all relevant fields. Then click on "Submit" and you will be redirected to the booking system. Here you can book your free appointment with Melissa or Ole. You will receive a booking confirmation from the ticket provider Reservix and separately an email from the consultant (check your spam folder if necessary!).
The consultating is free of charge, lasts about 45 minutes and usually takes place in our rooms at the House of Music unless otherwise agreed with the consultant.(Please confirm this before you make your way to the office, especially during the lockdowns.)

For a Coaching/expert one on one's:

Please also register via our web form (see below), select Coaching under "Select" and fill out all relevant fields. Then click on "Submit". After your registration we will contact you personally within the next days via the email address you provided (check your spam folder if necessary!).
You can find our coaches HERE.
A coaching/expert one on one session costs 10 or 20 Euro depending on the duration and your request. Date and place of the coaching after respective arrangement.

Registration Questionnaire

Attention - Here follows a whole lot of questions that we have to ask all participants in our consultations and workshops to answer. We are aware that this is a lot of data you are leaving us here. Some of the data has to be collected for the European Social Fund (ESF), from whose funds the Music Pool Berlin is financed (see also the notes on the collection of personal data below the questionnaire) and others help our consultants to prepare for the consultation.

Booking system

We work together with the ticket provider Reservix. After registering for a workshop or consulting appointment, you will be redirected to our Reservix webshop. All you need is an account at Reservix with your e-mail address and a password. The data you entered on our website will NOT be forwarded to Reservix, but will remain data-protected with us. The price for the workshops of 20 Euro includes all fees and taxes. The tickets for the consultations are free of charge.

This field only applies, if you have selected "registered job seeker" above. This information needs to be captured for the European Socialfund (ESF) that co-funds this project. As all other captured personal data, this will be forwarded to the ESF in anonymized format for statistical purposes. Please also see the note on personal data at the bottom of this form.
You only need to answer this question if you said "yes" to the question above on the household with everyone unemployed.
Please indicate "yes" and the country of origin if 1) you don't have a German passport, or 2) you were born outside of Germany and migrated here after 1st January 1956, or 3) the first two options are true for one of your parents.

Note on the collection of personal data: The European Social Fund (ESF) co-funds Music Pool Berlin. The ESF requires the collection of participants' personal data as part of the funding agreement. In our German privacy statement, you find a detailed explanation why the data are collected and how they are being used in order to monitor and evaluate the project. The ESF also has published a detailed info sheet on the collection of personal data as part of ESF-funded projects, which we also need you to sign at the workshop or consultation. All the detailed privacy-related information is currently only available in German. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us.