Trial & Error Space on web3 and culture @ re:publica

  • Posted on: 12 May 2022
  • By: Andrea Goetzke

In collaboration with the re:publica festival for the digital society, Music Pool Berlin organizes the Trial & Error space on 8 June 2022:

Various approaches have already aimed to make the internet more decentralised again. What is now becoming clear in the context of the sometimes heated discussion about the decentralised web3, NFTs, DAOs etc. is that many creators, meaning producers, creative workers, artists, musicians etc., share this goal and are experimenting in web3. From their point of view, decentralisation means that they no longer want closed silos that are run with their data (or their productions) - without any say in the matter. Furthermore, they demand fair compensation for their work beyond the zero-point amounts per click or play from platforms such as Youtube, Spotify etc.. For the creators, the web3 has supposedly attractive monetisation ideas in store: from artist tokens to NFT art to blockchain-based music streaming. Speaking of fairness and participation: How would it be if the web3 were to provide a technological solution for cooperative business and the democratic participation processes necessary for this? Decentralised autonomous organisations (or DAOs for short), according to their proponents, have the potential to automate these administrative and nerve-racking grassroots democratic processes, which are extremely complex in the analogue world. All these promises are legitimate and desirable from the curators' point of view.

The technological driver for the latest attempt to create a decentralised "web3" are the much-vaunted blockchains. And that's where the problems start, as most blockchains still have a miserable eco-balance. The new, less computationally intensive proof-of-stake (PoS) method is supposed to improve this significantly. However, Etherium, currently the most important blockchain for mining NFTs, still uses the more computationally intensive proof-of-work (PoW) authentication. Another critical strand of discourse, with an anti-capitalist slant, works away at the supposed main goal of web3, the total commercialization of everything digital (quasi diametrically opposed to the older peer-to-peer approach of sharing). The pixel art of the NFT movement, which has now also reached the high-priced, traditional art market, serves as a projection surface.

The curators believe that despite justified criticism, the web3 deserves a space in which it can continue to be imagined, analysed and experimented with - trial and error, in a respectful framework, without bashing and shaming.

== To attend re:publica, a re:publica ticket is required. The Music Pool Community Evening, that will be part of the Trial & Error space, with be accessible free of charge with prior registration (limited number of participants). ==


Programme on 8 June 2022 / Flutgraben @ re:publica

12:00 - The making of a Non Fungible Comic

13:15 - Die Verheißungen des Dezentralen - Narrative rund um web3

14:30 - Trial & Error Meetup #1 - Narratives

15:15 - Applying web3 tech to funding and organizing culture.

16:30 - Trial and Error Meetup #2 - Structures

17:15 - Imagining New Worlds for Today’s New Values System – A panel discussion

18:30 - Rehearsing Social Imaginaries in Blockchain – A workshop

19:45 - Let's dream up a web3 for music ­– A speculation 

20:45 - Trial and Error Meetup #3 - Music & Imagination