Let's dream up a web3 for music ­– A speculation

Wednesday, 8 June, 2022 - 19:15
Am Flutgraben, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

What if the web3, with its automatized decision-making processes and direct distribution and monetization channels, could offer a real alternative to the current Internet of monopolistic platforms and data silos? Imagine for instance a cooperative where music producers work together with curators, formerly known as music journalists, and technological enablers for music publishing and distribution. Would that work with DAOs, tokens, and NFTs? Do we actually need blockchain-based technology to establish a fairer and cooperative economy, or are there alternatives that are more sustainable?

We want to discuss such an alternative economic scenario in the series of Music Pool Berlin Community Evenings with music producers, economists, tech experts as part of a speculation with an open outcome. The only guidelines for the discussion are mutual respect - no shaming, no blaming. Because dreaming must be permitted and the Web 2.0 as we know it deprives and restricts us. Let's explore for our music realm what we want to transform and how.

=== This Music Pool Berlin community evening forms part of the Trial & Error space at the re:publica festival for the digital society. The Trial & Error space runs for the full day of June 8 with more conversations and meetups on applying web3 technologies to cultural spheres. The full space is accessible with a re:publica ticket. ===

The Music Pool community evening at re:publica is accessible free of charge for a limited number of people. 


19:15 - 20:15 - Conversation

20:15 - 21:30 - Meetup & Music