The Press Photo - a hands on workshop

Montag, 23 Mai, 2022 - 13:00 bis 19:00
House of Music @ RAW, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin
35 €

Do you struggle in front of a camera? Are you perpetually dissatisfied with your press photos? Would you like for them to reflect your artistic persona and music more accurately? During this workshop I will help you conceptualise a photo shoot (art direction, location, styling, lighting, type of photography etc.) and put together a mood board / visual brief that will articulate your ideas clearly. I will also guide you through a series of exercises create to overcome camera-fright.

Target Group
Artists who want to optimize their visual identity and are looking to take press pics that are qualitatively up to par with the best artists in the game.

Learning Outcome
In this workshop you will learn how to isolate key narratives that correspond to your music and artistic persona. You will translate this information into a visual concept in the form a visual directive for a photographer. You will go through a set of exercises designed to overcome “camera fright” and help you give the camera and the photographer what they need to capture an expressive, vivid and emotionally connected photo.