How does generative AI impact creator economies in music? - Music Pool evening at re:publica

Montag, 5 Juni, 2023 - 17:30 bis 21:00
Am Flutgraben, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

This conversation explores the impact of generative AI on the music economy. The panelists will delve into the potential benefits and challenges of using AI in music creation, production, and ownership, addressing issues such as originality, biases, and job displacement.

The discussion will examine how generative AI is transforming the landscape of music creation, including its potential to foster innovation, democratize access to music production, and create new revenue streams. The panel will also critically assess the challenges and pitfalls associated with generative AI in the music industry, such as concerns around ownership, attribution, and potential biases in AI-generated music. The impact of AI on the job market in the music industry and the evolving roles of musicians and professionals will also be explored.

The panel talk is a valuable opportunity for musicians, composers, music industry professionals, technologists, academics, policymakers, and music enthusiasts to gain insights into the implications of generative AI in the music economy from the perspective of expert artists and practitioners working first hand with this disruptive technology. Through lively discussions and exchange of ideas, the panelists will shed light on the complex relationship between AI and music, shaping the conversation around the future of music economy in the age of AI.

We look forward to hearing perspectives from:

Portrait XO 

Jessika Khazrik

Moisés Horta Valenzuela / hexorcismos 

Moderated by: Andrea Goetzke

A Music Pool Berlin community evening in partnership with re:publica. Curated by Moisés Horta Valanzuela / hexorcismos.


How to participate? We have a guestlist of 25 spots to attend the session without purchasing a re:publica ticket. Please register here to reserve your spot (and make sure you really want to attend): Here.

Of course all re:publica participants are welcome to attend; the session is part of the regular conference programme.

The conversation takes place in the venue Am Flutgraben, within the re:publica festival area. It will be followed by a Music Pool meetup with music and drinks at the re:publica beach bar, with music by a2n_soundsystem.