Festival season 2024 - How do I get into the festival line-up as a newcomer?

Montag, 4 März, 2024 - 14:00 bis 18:00
House of Music, Revaler Str. 99 10245 Berlin
22 €

1. research: How do I find the right festivals / showcase festivals for me?
2. preparation:

- EPK (what does a professional and suitable EPK look like)
- Formulating the email (if necessary, create an email in the WS, I think that would be great)

         1. making contact: initial contact + follow-up strategies
         2. what information do I need / what information is relevant for the festival booker
         3. clarify parameters:  Negotiate fee / technology and equipment / hosting
         4. the contract: What do I have to pay attention to?
         5. how do I use the confirmed slot(s) for my own promotion?
         6. email preparation
        7. general tips & tools