Career, Art & Audience - managing yourself as an independent musician (3-part-Course)

Dienstag, 16 February, 2021 - 14:00 bis Dienstag, 2 March, 2021 - 18:00

Price 40€

This three-part course (see Dates below) offers you a systematic and structured approach to planning your career as an independent musician.
Often the individual elements of a musician's career are considered individually and in isolation, although many areas overlap or are mutually beneficial - especially in a DIY career, it is important to keep an eye on all areas.
For this reason, we have developed a course that accompanies you throughout the entire process: Starting with the planning and setting of goals, through the development of a fanbase or community, to the first release on your own.

This course, which also contains practical elements, consists of the following three parts:
1. How to create goals, strategies and plans within a musical career
2. How to identify, make contact with and develop an audience and fanbase
3. The practicalities of recording, releasing and promoting.

Detailed course outline:


1. Getting Organised, Setting Goals and Long-term Planning
    1. Managing yourself and your expectations
    2. Creating career goals and strategies
    3. Project management
    4. Positive habit formation
    5. Problem Solving
    6. Visual Guides and other useful tools
2. Audience Building
    1. Fans, and how they are created
    2. Market Research
        1. Genre Research
        2. Location/Scene Research
        3. Venue Research
        4. Label Research
        5. Same-level artist research
    3. Marketing
        1. Permission Marketing
        2. Targeted Online Marketing
        3. Email Marketing
3. Album Recording & Release
    1. Recording and releasing as part of a career strategy
    2. Relevant issues
        1. Recording personnel and fees
        2. Rights and royalties
    3. Songwriting & Demo Making
    4. Recording
        1. Signal flow
        2. Home studio set up
        3. Recording studio practices
        4. Preparation and Recording
    5. Mixing & Mastering
    6. Design, Printing and Distribution
    7. Traditional Media Campaign
    8. Album Promotion



  • Part 1 - 16.02.2021 - 2pm-6pm
  • Part 2 - 23.02.2021 - 2pm-6pm
  • Part 3 - 02.03.2021 - 2pm-6pm