GRUPPE 24/7 Neurodivergency rules!

Tuesday, 9 April, 2024 - 16:00 to 18:00
House of Music, Revaler Str. 99 10245 Berlin
15 €

There will soon be a network for AD(H)S and autism creatives, as well as for all other neurodivergents: GRUPPE 24/7. The initiation meeting will take place on Tuesday 9 April 2024 at 4 pm in the rooms of the Music Pool.  The purpose of the meeting is to get to know each other and set initial common networking goals. It will be less about problems and more about building a career together.

How can we use our neurodivergent potential?

Any language welcome!

Led by:

Christian Ogrinz, neurodivergent musician and project manager, has been working for many years in medium and large teams and realizing creative projects. He is currently producing a new school rap album with 20 colleagues, some of whom are also neurodivergent. His qualities in composition, team building and as a producer are greatly enhanced by his neurodivergence. He plans regular meetings of the GRUPPE 24/7.

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