Michael Wecker

Michael has been a passionate musician for over 20 years and has performed in various bands and solo projects as a singer, guitarist and songwriter. His musical influence began with classical music and the violin. After this rather unsuccessful start he turned to the big wide world of the electric guitar. In addition, he has been lost in the depths of Ableton Live for several years now. Next to music, psychology is Michael's second great hobbyhorse: in 2008 he graduated with a diploma in psychology. This was followed by postgraduate training as a behavioral therapist. Since 2008 Michael is active in consulting, treatment and support of people of different ages and with different concerns. Since 2009 Michael has also been intensively involved in the professional counselling and further development of young adults. Michael finds the intersection between psychology and music particularly exciting because of his background: self-doubt, stress, fear of performing and stage fright, mental blockades and how artists and musicians can find their very personal way despite and with these stumbling blocks and obstacles.