Flemming Borby

FLEMMING.BORBY Flemming Borby from Denmark , the great talent of indie pop folk, has been active in music since the 90's where he released 3 praised albums with the danish band GREENE and played more times at the danish ROSKILDE FESTIVAL Graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen in 1998 and started his own band LABRADOR right after (1999) Has released 4 full length albums and 1 EP with LABRADOR (2002-2012), and been touring, releasing and playing shows in Denmark ;Germany Switzerland, France, UK, USA and Japan Started his own label, Divine Records, in 2007, releasing his own albums and more than 40 danish artists. Since 2015 releasing albums in own name. ”Somebody Wrong” 2015 , ”Hell is To Far” 2017, ”The Funkhaus Session” 2017 Has been hosting the co-writing workshop Songs By The Wall in Berlin since 2015 Also involved in the international Songwriting Organisation ”The House Of Songs” in Austin, Texas, and the EP ”The Ghostbrother Project Back into your heart” (collaboration with Nicholas Ginbey from The House oF Songs) was released april 2014. Has been living in Berlin, Germany since 2007 and worked with different Berlin artists such as Toby Dammit (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Iggy Pop) Greta Brinkman (Moby; Debbie Harry, L7) Earl Harvin (Tindersticks) Tom Krimi, (Prag, Raz O’Hara, Stereo Deluxe) , Martin Wenk (Calexico), Nikko Weidemann, Elke Brauweiler, Berend Intelmann (PAULA) Roderick Miller (Richard Ruin, Kitty Solaris) and Katy Matthies (!mas Shake!, Lemonbabies). Flemming Borby is a 100% DIY made artist, and is living full time out of music. Beside living as an artist: Has been experiencing nearly all aspects of how to live out of music. Been starting own music school in Denmark. Been teaching music and doing talks and workshops. Been producing music for others. Been doing film music. photo: Jörg Klam