David Harks

Whether working as a solo artist, with his band Safetalk, or with the numerous other artists he has collaborated singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Harks has made a name for himself with his playful mix of psychedelia, electronica, pop and indie. With releases on labels including Sunday Best, Kitsuné, Claremont 56 and Eskimo Recordings. David's instantly recognisable, soulful voice and restless, inquisitive spirit has marked him as one of today's most interesting, and unpredictable, artists. Equally at home working with electronic music producers, blues guitarists or experimental musicians. An artist that has kept a low profile, yet considered to be a strongly active voice within the industry, his role as both a musician and advocate has been sought and seen recommended to contribute to projects in music, arts and cultural development throughout the U.K and Germany for over a decade. Published by Strictly Confidential as a writer in 2016 and now an active writer with Downtown Publishing in the U.K - David is an independent A & R consultant based in Berlin, focused on writing as an artist and discovering talent, always putting music first.