CANCELED!! The Power of No and Managing Expectations

Monday, 14 December, 2020 - 16:00 to Tuesday, 15 December, 2020 - 18:00


“A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.” ― Madonna


If it is from your family, friends, promoters, friends, your lover or your family, as an professional artist boundaries need to continuously be set for the upward development of your music career. You never should sell yourself short and always be compensated for your unique skills. Join me and let’s learn how to say NO.


  1. Let’s first understand the vibe people get when they hear NO
  2. Teaching others the value of your work
  3. Developing a No, that does not reject
  4. Setting your standard and giving value to your craft
  5. Why do we need it more than them
  6. How to find the middle ground when saying No and sticking to it
  7. Developing your own Gentle NO.
  8. Being mindful of your tone
  9. Selling your soul is not an option
  10. Having high expectation about yourself and your craft
  11. Buringing bridges verses establishing your standards
  12. Placing a realistic value on your craft
  13. Making sure that quality is easily recognized in you and your music.
  14. You deserve to be compensated
  15. Saying NO, is not bad
  16. Increase your value in a day (TIPPS)
  17. Q & A

Part 2

“One thing the music industry has taught me is to manage my expectations.” -Q-Tip

Strange that there has always been this ideal that if you make a record or get signed to a label, that all of a sudden a Royals Royce and Private Lera Jet pops up in your front yard. That is not going to happen and if you’re not realistic about all the hard work involved and many steps that need to be taken in order to reach the top, you can find yourself very discouraged surrounded by family and friends saying, “but I thought you were a Star?”. Let’s learn what to really expect out of your efforts, the time it could take along with some tricks to best position yourself in a place so that your clear with what will come your way and not become discouraged, when a Million did not sale from your first release.

When I started I knew that all I needed to do was release my album and then the world would be mine. I was invited to Warner Bros., Sony, Universal and I knew that I was going to get the million dollar deal but the music industry does not work like that and I soon found that it would take years and a lot of hard work before anyone would recognize me at all. Overnight sensation is not going to happen. Let’s learn how to get real so that we don't get discouraged.


What it really means to be a professional musician

  1. Blood, Sweat and Tears
  2. Making the commitment
  3. Holding the Vision, Staying the course
  4. The Scarifies in the name of Music
  5. Making the Recording
  6. The Cost$$
  7. The Album is not perfect? Can we start over?
  8. Releasing your first song or album
  9. Chasing Radio (Not!!)
  10. The Reality of Touring
  11. Easiest way to make a professional video
  12. Waiting for the phone to ring. Universal, I know they will call
  13. My first royalties check arrived
  14. The reality verses the fantasy
  15. Special Q & A to make sure everyone has clear, real life examples which will support and make sure that you stay in the music game for the long run.



  • Part 1 The Power of No // December 14th 2020 - 4pm-6pm
  • Part 2 Managing Expectations // December 15th 2020 - 4pm-6pm