SOLD OUT!! ENGLISH Workshop - Please Don't Kill Your Records! - promo and release s

Montag, 3 April, 2017 - 14:00 bis 18:00
Warschauer Str. 70 A, 10243 Berlin

It's sad to see artists work on their releases for a year or more and then have their work disappear from the media gaze in a matter of weeks, or possibly arrive to absolutely no fan base, no demand and zero media support.
This is a workshop about creative ways of "repackaging" releases and creating promo tools that can extend a record's "media lifespan" from the standard 6-8 weeks to up to year, and possibly beyond. Please Don't Kill Your Records will cover promo and release strategy from the point of view of creating different types of content – both physical and digital – out of a single release, to sustain the needs of music portals and social media for prolonged periods of time. We will look at the benefits of executing a long-term strategy based on real content and discuss ways to create it without a big budget.

Lecturer: Lukasz Polowczyk

Price: 15€