Practical Inspirations for a Sustainable Music Community

Dienstag, 5 April, 2022 - 19:00
House of Music, Revaler Str. 99, RAW Gelände

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By looking into fields like touring, concert organisation, streaming and more, we ask ourselves how we can change our practises, both as individual musicians and as a broader music community and industry, to address the climate and environmental crisis. What do environmentally sustainable practices look like, what are current examples that can lead the way, and where are strategies and action required? And how can we strengthen local music communities while at the same time maintaining international exchange?

Join us for an evening on environmentally sustainable practices, collaboratively organized with Catalyst, Institute for Creative Art and Technology, and Music Declares Emergency, a group of artists and other music professionals that form part of the wider movements to address the climate crisis, and us at Music Pool Berlin.

After the panel, you will have the opportunity to meet the Music Declares Emergency team and talk about climate action and sustainable practices. MDE will bring their interactive format “Pick a problem”. From a pool of music industry problems we help you find possible solutions and new approaches to transform the industry into a more sustainable one.

There will be music and drinks, and space to talk and meet inside, and in the yard.

We look forward to speaking with:

Tine Theurich (moderator) - Tine runs a small communication agency called SUPERUNKNOWN, which is involved in the Green Touring Network and the climate initiative Music Declares Emergency. One day per week - the so-called climate Friday - she dedicates her time to projects that are committed to ecological sustainability. NOW is exactly the right time for change - with resoluteness and really good new ideas.

Fine Stammnitz - An independent sustainability consultant, founder of the Green Touring Network, founding member of Music Declares Emergency Germany, former artist manager and co-founder of the band coaching programme Zuendstoff Coaching. Since 2020, Fine has been focussing on activating the potential of the music industry to actively contribute to climate protection by consulting different actors in the music business and working with artists to create inspiring projects.

Eilidh McLaughlin - Glaswegian born, Berlin based environment and music industry professional Eilidh McLaughlin has over 10 years experience working in the sustainability sector, primarily within engagement, behaviour change and project management. Eilidh is a co-founder of Clean Scene, a carbon offsetting project for musicians in the dance music community, and works at POLY Artists heading up their finance and logistics department, also leading on their environmental strategy. She is the founder of sustainability consultancy CREATIVE-SUSTAINABILITY working with creatives to challenge climate breakdown.

Novaa - Novaa is a 25-year-old artist, songwriter and producer from Berlin, who released her third record "She's a Rose'' in July this year. Minimalist sound, intense emotions, with her new album, Novaa paints a picture of gender roles and the challenges women face today from a radically personal perspective. Novaa is declarer for Music Declares Emergency and tries to incorporate sustainability as a main focus in her artist work with, among others, a sustainable merch concept.

DJ Coco Em - Coco Em is a DJ, music producer, and filmmaker from Kenya. ‘The hardest hustling DJ’ according to OkayAfrica, has played eclectic blends to crowds from Nuitsd’Afrique in Montreal to Trans-Musicales in France. When the world shut down, she translated that energy into her next creative leap; Sim Sima (incubated at Santuri EA), supporting femme producers, artists and sound engineers and running safe events that build stronger relationships with other music-oriented communities. Coco Em is also set to self-release her debut EP Kilumi later this year.

DJ after the conversation:

Onix - Onix is a Costa Rican DJ and producer (and Catalyst alumni) currently based in Berlin, Germany. Onix seeks to trigger magical states of mind and harmonious spaces with music that touch the realms of the deepest, most luminous and sometimes darkest places… Using Music and frequencies as catalytic tools for art, movement, free expression and love.

- 19:00 doors open
- 19:30 panel starts
- 21:00 'pick a problem' hosted by Music Declares Emergency + networking + DJ Onix

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