Wed, 28.10: WORKSHOP - Welcome to Germany - Getting started successfully...

  • Posted on: 26 October 2015
  • By: Eileen Möller

Berlin is full of International Creative people from all over the world.

Creative, productive and innovative people who bring with them: a lot of new ideas, potential and an international atmosphere.

But before those people can succesfully get started, They all have to deal with a hurdle of bureaucratic paperwork, public office visits (Äuslanderbehörde, Tax Office, Insurances..) and uncertanities about their rights and duties as well as with the lack of contacts, networks and places to go.

So this workshop will help all new-Berliners to get succesfully started: from registering with the Bürgeramt (Citizens office), getting a tax number, up to matters of social security, artist insurance (KSK) or for musicians a big question: the collecting agencies vs. creative commons for their musical rights, especially if you are not already a member in your own country,  etc.



Application and registration
residence permits
Applying for a tax number
Basic information on the subject of self-employment and business, small business, tax
Social security options
health insurance
compulsory pension insurance
statutory and private insurances
Gema, GVL, VG Bild Kunst, VG Wort

Dozent: Andreas Bayer

Attention: starts at 3pm until 7pm