Wed, 18.12 Music & Games - Music Pool Berlin x SAE Community Evening

  • Posted on: 9 December 2019
  • By: Eileen Möller

This Music Pool Community evening organized in collaboration with SAE institute looks into music composition, production, and sound design for games. In the conversation we aim to look both into the artistic and creative part of making music for games, as well as explore how the game industry works and how to collaborate with game developers and companies as musicians and producers. How to approach making music and sound for games? What is to be considered in the composing and design process? Which tools are being used? And - What are the Berlin and German based game scenes like and how do they compare to the international level? What are differences between mainstream and indie scenes, and where to find your place? What are recommendations to get a foot into the game scenes, and how to start? What are good networking events to meet the right people? How does the game business work, and what role does music play in it?

Join our conversation with:

Christan Raters, Lyrebird
Anton Aklin, freelance composer for games
Lukas Meinardus, Syndrone
Lena Kilkka, Framefield

Moderation: Lucas Lombardo, SAE Institute

Game sounds before and after the conversation by: Julian Meybohm, Lyrebird

free entry. no entrance fee.