Tue, 01.08. ENGLISH WORKSHOP - How to succeed as a DJ in the electronic music scene

  • Posted on: 27 July 2017
  • By: Eileen Möller

Many young DJs dream of playing in clubs, living from their DJ gigs and traveling not only through Germany but also around the world. After a few years of unsuccessfulness, however, there is a certain disillusionment among many DJs. The bookings do not come in, in the social media hardly anyone shares their mixes or releases. In this workshop, we will discuss the causes and explain all the Do’s & Don’ts as well as  established success strategies, that will help you to get into the clubs. 


  • DJ self-awareness: What do I want to achieve? Passion vs. Professional DJ career
  • Presentation of established success strategies: 4 DJ gig guarantees
  • Typical errors that you should avoid
  • Make & publish your own music
  • The Turn: All of a sudden you are asked, other organizers contact you
  • Professional working
  • continuity
  • Communication via social media / Free Content / Remixes
  • DJ Fees: Strategies and market value
  • Signing at a booking agency
  • exclusivity

Lecturer: Dr. Jan Michael Kühn

Price: 15€

Start: 2 pm