Mon, 26.03 ENGLISH WORKSHOP - How to unblock me – 10 Tools to avoid creative blockades

  • Posted on: 20 March 2018
  • By: Eileen Möller

About the workshop

It hits you in a moment where you least expect it: the creative blockade. The phenomenon widely known among creatives all kind, can not only be frustrating but also potentially dangerous for a career, especially if creative work ist tied to a deadline. But what is actually behind the phenomenon? What is its background? And is it possible to control our creativity?

The event adresses all creatives who already have experience with blockades or want to prevent them. We are going to explore the psychological background of blockades, take a look at the challenges of creative work in everyday life, and expose negative behavioral patterns and affirmations in the context of blockades. The event does not just dispel common prejudices about creativity, but all participants get equipped with useful tools to master their everyday life as creatives in a long-term blockade-free manner. 


A. Creative blockades and their background

The myth about creativity
How education influences and determines how we deal with creativity
What is a blockade (extern and internal barriers)
Fear & creativity and the process of fear conditioning

B. Procrastination, Perfectionism & Co: How to recognize harmful behavioral pattern

Behavioral pattern
Negative affirmations
What to do when a block has emerged

C. How to unblock me – 10 effective tools to avoid creative blocks

Soft Skills


Lecturer: Susanne Geisler