Mon, 04.07. WORKSHOP - Crowdfunding for music projects 14 Uhr

  • Posted on: 30 June 2016
  • By: Eileen Möller

The Seminar:

Ever wanted to start a reward-based crowdfunding campaign in order to fund your recordings, tour, release etc. but were not sure how?  Crowdfunding is a tool and not magic! 
In this seminar we invite you to join the sharing economy and DIY spirit and teach you how to make your campaign successful:

★ In the first session (27.06.2016) we would go one by one through all the steps you take when planning your campaign: analyzing your community, realistically evaluating budget and duration of the campaign, creating the presentation on your project-page, setting the rewards and most important sharing and communicating your campaign. Starting generally we will than go in the round through your specific projects, applying what we learned, learning by doing.

 ★In the second session (04.07.2016) we will analyze together again your project-pages, discussing the improvements that were made since our previous meeting. One campaign would be chosen by music pool and us as the favorite. The participation Fees of the Seminar will be contributed to this campaign, when it goes online.  

 ★IMPORTANT: Please create in advance a draft of your campaign on the platform and send the name of the campaign to:ilil.becker [at] This draft can be partial and raw, it would serve as the foundation we work with.

★The seminar will be held in English and German. We can also advice you in French and Hebrew if you feel more comfortable with it.

★We will advice of course all projects from the Draft and until they go online, and not only during the seminar. 

Price: 15€

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