Fr, 27.05 WORKSHOP - DIY Sustainability and how the internet has changed the way to be a musician @Clubcommission Berlin

  • Posted on: 26 May 2016
  • By: Eileen Möller

Today, we'll have 2 separate workshop sessions held by one true DIY expert from the UK:

This event will be taking place at the rooms of our partner Clubcommission Berlin (Brückenstrasse 1 - 10179 Berlin)!!!

DIY sustainability (11am - 2pm)

What does it mean to be ‘sustainable’ as an artist? 
How has our understanding of sustainability changed in recent years? 
What are the tools at our disposal that allow us to manage our music lives in ways that prioritise sustainability over chasing a model that relies on most people ‘failing’? 
What role does collaboration play in our economic and creative resilience? 

Steve Lawson, a solo bass guitarist, journalist, teacher, and academic from the UK will be exploring these questions and more. He’ll be exploring the thinking behind sustainability, challenging some of the assumptions that are widely held about what ‘success’ looks like for musicians, and delving into some practical advice for how to build a sustainable music life, and how to be a part of the sustainability of others. 

How has the internet changed what it means to be a musician? (3pm-6pm)
The late 20th century brought with it some incredibly powerful and compelling myths about what it was to be a musician, why we might want to be musicians and what it entails. 
From learning an instrument to discovering new music, forming a band to releasing an album - every aspect of what it is to be a musician has been impacted by the last 20 years of Internet-based technological development. It’s at the point where what we describe as being a musician is now substantially different to the meaning of the word back in the 80s and 90s. Steve Lawson will explore some of these assumptions, and help us look at what the implications are for how we view our lives as musicians through a creative lens and a business lens, and how those changes impact the way we make art and find its audience. 

Price: 15€

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LOCATION: Clubcommission Berlin (Brückenstrasse 1 - 10179 Berlin)!!!