Community Evening #3: DIY Concert and Party Promotion in Berlin

  • Posted on: 12 May 2014
  • By: Andrea Goetzke

Our next Music Pool Berlin Community Evening #3 is coming up on Tuesday 27 May, 7:30 pm, at ACUD, Veteranenstr. 21 in Mitte.

How can you put on your own show in Berlin? The city has lots of small music venues, but how do you actually get a gig there? How can you organize your own party? How can you work with local promoters and organizers? And - how is the situation for small concerts, for musical experiments, to try out new stuff live? Is that still possible in a city with growing rents and commercializing spaces? Or is there still plenty of space for music?

We invite local DIY concert and party promoters as well as artists for a discussion on the DIY concert scenes in Berlin, and for an exchange of ideas and recommendations to put on your own show. As usual, after the discussion, there will be music and drinks and plenty of time to talk.

The venue, Acud, has just been renovated and re-opened as a small club in Berlin Mitte.

DJ: Joey Hansom (Expatriarch)

So far confirmed for the discussion: Sebastian Hoffmann (Fourtrack on Stage, Down by the River), Joey Hansom (Expatriarch), Andre Jegodka (Antje Öklesund), Michael Aniser (Noisekölln), Melissa Perales (M:Soundtrack) ... and some more. This is not a formal panel discussion, but a discussion with everyone, so you can also just jump in on the day.

We organize monthly community evenings to create a space for people interested in a certain topic to meet and get to know each other, and to exchange experiences at eye level. Also, the community evenings are a good occasion to meet people working at Music Pool Berlin, and to connect with other people in the Berlin music scenes.

Entry is of course free, and we look forward to seeing you on the 27th.