Music Pool Community Evening composing for TV/Film

Dienstag, 21 Februar, 2017 - 19:30 bis 23:00
Ackerstadtpalast Ackerstraße 169/170, 10115 Berlin

When: Tuesday, 21. February 2017
Location: Ackerstadtpalast (Freie Bühne Mitte e.V.)

Ackerstr. 169/170  
M8 / U8 Rosenthalerplatz

Time: 7:30pm 

Language: English
Topic:  2 sides of the Coin: Composers share their work practices and experiences working in Film/TV and Directors talk about their personal relationship to music and how that translates and helps them decide which musicians to work with or place in their films.  

Speaking will be Musicians: Cherilyn MacNeil (Dear Reader), Max Knoth and Bertram Denzel (denzel + huhn) and Directors Irene von Alberti and Uli M Schueppel.

Following the Q&A we will meet & talk in the ASP foyer w/ Director Uli M Schüppel who will bring us deeper acoustically to the evenings theme with „In Passion&Dark - music&film“ DJ set

Musicians ::
Cherilyn MacNeil (Dear Reader) is a songwriter -composer from Johannesburg, Südafrika living in Berlin. She is most known for her project Dear Reader.  Her music has been synched in many films and composed scores for example: A Coffee in Berlin 2012, Türkisch für Anfänger 2012, Happy Hour 2015, etc. and she also writes synch pitches. She wrote the score for the acclaimed Berlin feature film, Oh Boy, which won her and her co-conspirators the Deutsche Filmpreis for Best Film Music in 2013.
Max Knoth works as a composer, arranger, orchestrator and sound designer. He composes for movies, concerts, theatre and recording sessions. Max Knoth worked together with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Lou Reed, Danny Elfman, Rachel Portman, Alan Silvestri, David Newman, Tom Tykwer, Christoph Schlingensief, Irmin Schmidt (CAN) and Henning Lohner (Ring 2 / Tagesschau).  He has been an associate lecturer at Media Academy Darmstadt for many years.
Bertram Denzel born 1969 in Southwest-Germany and raised in Spain and France, is a Berlin resident DJ and musician since 1988. Besides several contributions to bands over the years, he started composing soundtracks in the mid-90ties beginning with short films. The first feature-length film, Paul is Dead (Director: Hendrik Handloegten) won the "Adolf-Grimme-Award", followed by 7 nominations since then, recently for the Tatort: Wer bin ich? (Bastian Günther). With his soundtrack for Alaska Johannson (Achim von Borries) he was nominated for the "Rolf-Hans-Müller-Award for film music" in 2014. His electronic music duo "denzel + huhn" released 4 albums, for example "Brom" in 2015 on oktaf records/kompakt.
Directors ::
Irene von Alberti was born 1963 in Stuttgart. Her first foray in to filmmaking was during her studies as a DiplomIngenieur via the camera. She began working as an assistant Camera women on the TV show “Marocain” from Elfi Mikesch, at this time she also worked as a director and editor on various music videos. She began studying film in 1988 - 1992 at the HFF (Hochschule for Fernsehen u. Film in Munich). In 1987 she started the FILMGALERIE 451 together with Frieder Schlaich as a video store, then film productions office and finally a DVD-Label for Arthouse Films.  Since 1993 Irene has been working as a filmmaker: Director, Writer and Producer for Arthouse Cinema films. Directing such films as Tangerine (2007), Stadt als Beute (2004), Der Lange Sommer der Theorie (2016) etc.

Uli M Schueppel studied German, Romance studies, and linguistics in Heidelberg, and then after landing in Berlin, changed directions and began studiying Directing at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie, Berlin (DFFB). Along with a number of short films, numerous music videos, and animations (most famously the Berlinale-Trailer/ Opener which has been in use since 2001 at the festival), he has been the author, director, producer, and occasionally even cameraman of 14 full-length films, ranging from feature films, essay films, and music films to documentaries. Uli has won several awards over the years, most recently, In 2014 he has received the “Lifetime Award” at 5.SPFF (international music documentary festival, Croatia) “for outstanding accomplishments in the music and music industry documentary genre“. Since 2003, Schueppel has also worked as a guest lecturer, teaching direction and documentary film at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie (DFFB) and the Nederlandse-Filmacademie, Amsterdam. He has given numerous master class workshops on the topics of “music documentary”, “independent filmmaking”, and “digital storytelling“. Schueppel has been a member of the EuropeanFilmAcademy (EFA) since 2002.