How Artist Data can be used to support Booking Decisions

Donnerstag, 19 Mai, 2022 - 16:30 bis 17:15
Music Pool Berlin

This workshop introduces and discusses a music intelligence tool developed by the ESNS (Eurosonic Noorderslag) conference, that collects and analyses data about European acts. The "ESNS Radar & Analytics" connects to different data sources and analyses data on social media following, streaming numbers, bookings and airplay in order to provide information about emerging artists.

The workshop will be a presentation of the tool, looking at the back-end of the database, presenting how to use the tool, and a discussion about interpreting the data.

Booking agents, festival organizers, promoters etc will learn how to use the tool to gather additional information in support of their booking decisions.
Artists will learn in a transparent way, how their data are being analysed, and which parameters are relevant for being invited to the likes of ESNS.

The workshop is hosted by:

Oskar Strajn - is one of the bookers at ESNS. He works closely with the Music Moves Europe Awards, as well as the ESNS Radar manager. In the past, Oskar has worked as radio dj, journalist and event promoter.

The workshop is part of the WISE future festival and think tank, and offered in collaboration also to the Music Pool community free of charge.