Maikol Piardi

Maikol Piardi is a digital creator, podcast host, community founder, and music marketing coach with Italo-Panamanian roots. He has dedicated over ten years to the Italian music industry, taking on various roles such as hosting club nights and festivals, as well as organizing events. After completing his master's degree in Trade Marketing and business strategies and gaining experience in the fashion industry and sales sector, Maikol decided to relocate to Berlin to further pursue his passion for music. In 2019, he launched Music Travel Guide with the intention of showcasing Berlin-based musicians, producers, and founders. Over time, it evolved into a media platform and Club Membership for music enthusiasts, artists and musicians, helping professionals advance in their careers. As a music marketing coach, Maikol offers individualized coaching programs aimed at helping independent musicians promote their work authentically while effectively connecting with fans. His 1:1 personalized coaching sessions provide guidance on various aspects of promoting one's music career.  “My goals are to inspire everyone around me through the actions that I take, the lessons that I learn and the enthusiasm I can share with others.”