ENGLISH WORKSHOP - An Introduction to Blockchain Architecture and Music: The Holy Grail to Solve It All?

Mittwoch, 5 April, 2017 - 14:00 bis 18:00
Warschauer Str. 70 A, 10243 Berlin

With Imogen Heap releasing "Tiny Human" in 2015 as the first song ever on a Blockchain platform, the technology's hype finally reached the music industry as well.

Due to its links to Bitcoin many people remain sceptical regarding Blockchain. To others, it's nothing less than the solution for almost any problem that the music industry currently has to face - it's expected to revolutionise music.

But what exactly is it? Who is going to benefit from it? Does it really have the power to improve the situation of creatives? Or is it rather just another way to disadvantage composers and musicians?

The workshop provides an introduction to Blockchain. In order to enable participants to make up their mind about this rather complex topic, essentials will be explained in relation to examples from music. As a part of the workshop, pros and cons as well as open questions will be discussed.

Jeremy Silver: "Blockchain or the Chaingang? Challenges, opportunities and hype: the music industry and blockchain technologies" (PDF, 66 p.)

Target audience 

musicians & composers, labels, publishers, as well companies/organisations from creative industries.


After the workshop, all participants will receive a documentation incl. slides.