Community Care and Staying Connected during the Pandemic

Dienstag, 16 März, 2021 - 19:30
Collocall (online)

How have you stayed connected with other musicians, with your community or collective, and a wider scene during the past year of lockdown? What can we learn from this for the coming months and beyond?
In this Music Pool evening, we are curious to learn about experiences of different musicians networks and communities during the past year. What has caring for your collective, community and scene looked like? How have you continued collaborations? In a field like music that used to thrive a lot in physical spaces of concerts and club nights – how have you continued your practices, care and networking outside of those spaces?
This conversation is meant to give inspirations and share lessons learnt on networking, collaborations and community care for musicians for the coming months and beyond. It is also meant to give some pointers to musicians on where they can turn to if they are currently looking for connections and collaborations.

Open call to participate in the conversation: Would you like to share your experience of staying connected during the pandemic? Are you part of a community, network or initiative and would like to talk about your activities? Are you looking for more participants for your network and would like to invite musicians during this Music Pool evening? We are sure there are many networks/communities/initiatives that we don't know about – so we look forward to hearing from you - write to andrea [at] with a link and short note about what you'd like to talk about. 

During the conversation, there will be also space for you all to spontaneously share your experiences, and ask questions.


Johanna Amelie / Visibility-Breakfast - The Visibility-Breakfast wishes to enable personal, professional and artistic exchanges within the Berlin artist community. The group wants to increase the visibility of FLINT* (female, lesbian, inter-sexual, non-binary, trans, queer) artists in the creative industry and stand up for gender justice. Johanna Amelie is a Berlin-based musician, producer and founder of the Visibility-Breakfast community.

Aiko Okamoto understands herself as a medium, connecting people between streets, club culture and visual art. In her weekly radio show "Notiz für die Welt danach" on Sphere Radio, she reads texts on anti-racism, housing and art. As an active member of the protest opera Lauratibor, she sings loudly at demonstrations against the sellout of the city. She also organizes events in IRL and digital spaces for the international network female:pressure.

Texas-born Sarj Lynch (they/them) is a Berlin-based community organiser and facilitator focused on mutual aid, compassionate communications and music. They are the co-founder and director of aequa, a community for social equity. Studies in journalism and internet law led to a career spanning technology, education, human resources, gastronomy, coaching and event management, with many odd jobs in-between. In music, they have played the roles of radio host, DJ, promoter, publicity director, critic and nerd. At aequa, their day to day is focused on running the aequa Community Centre in Berlin Wedding, and facilitating and co-organising community workshops, working groups and exchanges with a focus on mutual support, collective empowerment and collaborative action.

.. more to be confirmed ...