What is GEMA and GVL? Does it make sense to become a member?

  • Posted on: 28 January 2020
  • By: Eileen Möller

GEMA (German Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights) is Germany’s government-mandated collecting society and performance rights organization for songwriters, composers and music publishers. Here’s a 2-minute video in English explaining how they work. GVL, on the other hand, enforces ancillary copyrights of practising artists and sound recording producers. They pay fees that they collect on a fiduciary basis e.g. from radio and TV stations and for the public performance (e.g. in restaurants or cafés) to their members. Watch the GVL’s explanation video here. In case you write and perform your own songs, you may be entitled for a remuneration from both collecting societies. If becoming a member is beneficial for you depends on many factors - we can guide you through the process.
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