What are initiatives for female-identified and LGBTQI+ people in Berlin?

  • Posted on: 28 January 2020
  • By: Eileen Möller

musicBwomen is Berlin’s advocacy group for women in the music industry. Workshops for women, trans and non-binary persons are being offered by Spoon, No Shade, Urban Arts Berlin and Éclat. Network organizations include Bang On, Creamcake,female:pressure, DICE, Heroines of Sound, LaDIYfest Berlin, Music Empowerment Mobility Exchange (MEME), Ruby Tuesday Music, Saloon Berlin and Sirens on Stage. Here’s a listing of women, femme & non-binary electronic music DJs in Berlin; Many Many Women s an index of over 1000 female artists in the field of sound art and Improvisation. The cultural centers Südblock (including the event space Aquarium), SO36 and SchwuZ are important venues for the LGBTQI+ music scene. Additional networks include Queer Music Berlin (lesbian/gay/queer music ensembles), the Schwule Museum, the Siegessäule (magazine and event calendar), Transnational Queer Underground(funding and networking of queer artists worldwide) and the Whole - United Queer Festival.