What about health insurance when I perform in another country?

  • Posted on: 28 January 2020
  • By: Eileen Möller

Within the EU, posting with a A1 form is a practical solution for keeping one’s national health insurance coverage when temporarily working in another member state. Posting is only possible if the working stay abroad is limited in time beforehand (such as a scheduled concert performance). As a posted worker, your status (for example, as a self-employed person) and your national health insurance travel “with you” and temporarily overlap and disable the regulations of the country in which you temporarily work. Employees can be posted by their employer, and self-employed people can post themselves. A1 forms are issued free of charge by your health insurance provider (for other countries, here is a country-by-country list of issuing authorities). In some European countries, posting with a A1 form is necessary to avoid having to be treated as an employee and to avoid having national social insurance contributions deducted from performance fees. For shows outside of the EU, you must check if the country you are insured in has signed a social insurance agreement with the country you will perform in. You can find detailed information on the touring artists website and in the Cookbook for Cultural Managers: Social Security in an International Context.
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