Workshop Fri, 04.03 - TOUR & FESTIVAL MANAGEMENT Masterclass

  • Posted on: 24 February 2016
  • By: Eileen Möller

Come and join this masterclass with music industry mastermind Andy Inglis, who has been working and touring with many internationally acclaimed musicians, such as East India Youth, Savages and many more.

Andy will share his experience with you, give an overview over the most important tasks and duties a professional tour manager has to bear in mind. And of course, he will be here to answer your questions.

Here's a little overview over the topics touched in this masterclass:

• Overview of the role
• Routing and booking the tour
• Which vehicle
• Budgets
• Advancing, the Tour Book, useful apps
• Riders
• PDs and Receipts
• On the road
• Health and Diet
• Basic van tips
• Airports and air travel
• Carnets, Visas and insurance
• Loading in
• Working with Venues and Festivals
• Health and safety
• Merchandise
• Linecheck and Soundcheck
• Handling Promo
• On Stage
• After the show, getting paid, packing up
• Load out
• Dealing with Hotels
• Accounts, Credit Cards
• Tools of the Trade
• Dealing with Artists and Crew
• The demands of the role

Lecturer: Andy Inglis

Price: 15€

Registration here.