Musik im öffentlichen Raum & Straßenmusik - Music Pool Abend @Club Humboldthain

  • Posted on: 16 June 2021
  • By: Kirsten Grebasch

It looks like live music is going to be possible again over the summer in Berlin – as long as it's outdoors at least. We want to discuss experiences with street music and busking in Berlin, as well as organizing small open air music gigs or parties.
What to consider when you want to start out playing in the streets? What kind of equipment to use? What changes if you play your music in public space? What are suitable spots? What are the legal requirements, what's allowed where and what isn't? How and where to apply for which permits? How to take care of everyone's health and safety, especially now during the pandemic? What to consider regarding the place – the neighbourhood and the environment? What's the difference between busking and an open air party – and what are further points to think about when inviting people to an event in public space? Do you need to think about things like Gema and taxes? What are experiences in dealing with the police and the city administration? And what are also current political deliberations on how to improve the situation for music in public space in Berlin?

The conversation is meant both for musicians who are curious about playing in public space to get started, and to exchange experiences for those who are already out playing and organizing.

The conversation will take place in German. You are welcome to ask questions in English.

We look forward to discussing the above and many more questions that you'll bring to the conversation with:

Laura Hagnäs - Berlin Street Music, musician

Juno Lee - compares her mental state to a laundromat in her songs, and talks about domestic violence and put-on smiles. Born in Berlin, she started her indie pop career shortly before lockdown - since then she can be heard with her electric guitar in backyards and on the streets. She is happy to share the ups and downs of everyday life as a street musician with you.

Birte Jung - holds a doctorate in landscape planning/landscape architecture and works as a freelancer in the field of sustainability consulting/urban development with a focus on sustainable events in public spaces. Among other things, she has been advising the Fête de la Musique on the topic of sustainability since 2019 and has been leading the project "Kultur im Grünen", a city-wide negotiation process commissioned by the SenUVK, since 2020. The focus is on non-commercial cultural events on public green/open spaces, dialogue with the administration and cultural practitioners to reduce conflicts over non-commercial culture in green spaces, as well as increasing willingness and developing solutions for non-commercial, sustainable and open space-compatible culture in green spaces.

Erich Joseph - works as a project manager of the Free Open Air Initiative at Clubcommission Berlin. The project is aimed at young open air organisers and offers a network for knowledge transfer and exchange with each other through workshops, round tables, newsletters and the Telegram group. In addition to his work at Clubcommission Berlin, Erich is also runs the label Inherencia, and works as a promoter and musician. He started his career in music by organising DIY open airs in 2014. He now focuses on providing guidance for young promoters to organise open air events within the given legal frameworks.

Admission free from 6pm, Conversation begins at 7 pm