Music Pool Berlin x re:publica 2018 – Spot on for the marginalized!

  • Posted on: 8 May 2018
  • By: musicpool intern

Did you missed our talks at re:publica 2018? No Worries! You can watch the video below, featuring our own Andrea Goetzke (Music Pool Berlin / Torstrassen Festival) having a chat with the We Make Waves team and composer/ actvist Elie Gregory (Meetup Berlin) on marginalized communities in the music industry. 

We Makes Waves joins forces with other music activists to discuss the pros and sometimes cons of the digital safer spaces and creating IRL events in which to promote and empower each other in the spaces in-between. With the hope of inclusion in IRL, is it possible that the spaces we create digitally become overly complicated because of individual wishes and frameworks that we make up in order to create and bring it out in the event?

Andrea Goetzke: | |

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Caoimhe McAlister:

Elie Gregory: