Mon + Tue 07.09 + 08.09 Understanding the world of Record Labels

  • Posted on: 1 September 2020
  • By: Eileen Möller

Learn the ins and outs of the record label’s industry, past, present & future, understand better the music industry and it's terms, and get advice from a professional manager, music company owner and musician Ran Nir.
This workshop fits beginners and semi-professionals

- What is an A&R?
- How does a label’s economic model work?
- Why do I need a label? Do I need one at all?
- What rights does a label own?
- How do I start my own label?


Part 1 - 07. Sept. - 4-6 pm
Part 2 - 08. Sept. - 4-6 pm


Coach: Ran Nir