• Posted on: 21 November 2022
  • By: Robert Witoschek

- Please introduce yourself to the Music Pool Community
Hi, I'm Julian from Berlin with a Franconian migration background. I write about culture and especially music on my blog, my Telegram channel, for music magazines and promo texts for bands, plus short stories. In addition, I work for a concert agency as a social media manager and as an organizer/evening manager at concerts. I also used to work as a booker and writer, and since 2011 I've been on the road as a DJ with nine different projects. I also work as a social worker in the field of psychosocial assistance.

- What was the most exciting project you worked on in the last 12 months?
There was really a lot of exciting stuff. Returning to Greyzone Concerts, writing reviews for Visions, to which I became a subscriber as a 16-year-old, were definitely highlights. But honestly, the most exciting thing for me was building my Telegram channel, which became my blog this summer. I had been a blogger and writer for most of my life a few years ago, and realized how much I missed being able to write freely about things that excite me. From there:

- What is your recipe / secret for success?
Just doing and jumping into the things that I think are right and feel good. Not looking too much at numbers and outcome, but also taking detours that are close to what you really want to do. Finding pragmatic solutions to practical problems or constraints. Keep a clear head and always remember that patience and composure are muscles that can be trained.
Good expectation management is enormously helpful. That doesn't mean putting your professionalism on the back burner, but keeping a realistic view of the craziness of the last few years in the music industry, including the fact that many things have gotten out of our control.

- What is your workshop about? 
It's about messenger marketing and how I can use that as a music creator to communicate my content. This is an important topic, because it is a very good way to get in touch with fans and interested people and to place your own content.

The best way to learn is by making content directly experiential. My workshop is not only about the what of Messenger Marketing, but also about the how and why. And about dealing with the topic with fun and your own vision.

This workshop is especially suitable for music creators who are just starting out. For musicians who are still looking for the best way to present themselves and their music. For those interested in a DIY tool with a unique selling point and looking for ways to reach their fans and followers.

- Is there anything from you that you would like to share with our community?
My Best of 2022 list on Spotify, which I update regularly.


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