Music Pool Berlin Community Evening re:publica: Digital Music Infrastructures

Monday, 8 May, 2017 - 19:30 to 23:00
Station Berlin Luckenwalder Str. 4 - 6 10963 Berlin

Digital Music Infrastructures

Entry: 7:30 pm, Talk starts at 7:45pm
Afterwards drinks from Berlin Music Commission and Clubcommission
DJ: a2n_soundsystem.

This conversation understands infrastructure as a wide spectrum of arrangements - from interfaces influencing how we feel about a piece of music, to terms of use of a streaming service, up to the economic and organizational models behind a music platform or company. We will attempt to take a brief step back and look at the big picture, the broader, mainstream music infrastructural map. And then to reflect on current developments, also in the mainstream, but in particular those smaller initiatives, experiments and prototypes, run by people who have an issue with the big picture, with the way things are, who aim to change a part of their environment. For example, what could a service like potentially change, that builds a streaming service on a cooperative model. The panelists contribute their parts to disrupt music infrastructures and/or create alternative ideas, like organizing their own inclusive and non-patriarchal networks with, developing a framework to maintain ownership of your creative online content with, or critically reviewing the building elements of digital music infrastructures with What are the thoughts and motivations behind these and further initiatives, and what do they tell us about the existing infrastructures? Which leads us to also openly think about the future, to anticipate developments that don't exist yet, that we fear, or that we wish for.

Music Pool Berlin Community evening, organized in partnership with Berlin Music Commission and Clubcommission

Panelists: Daniela Seitz/Creamcake, 3hd; Mathew Dryhurst/artist; Peter Kirn/CDM
Moderation: Andrea Goetzke/Music Pool Berlin