Florentina Fien

Florentina Fien is a fully qualified lawyer, manager and booker from Potsdam. She has been working in the music industry since 2016 and has since been intensively supporting the Canadian folk-pop artist Adam Wendler. She is also the first point of contact for musicians of all genres and helps them to gain a foothold in the German music scene, especially at the beginning of their career. This is done through the individual support of artist projects, where strategies are developed together, as well as through her podcast "Hedera - Your entry into the music business". Because what stands between most musicians and the dream of making a living from their music is a gap in knowledge. If you understand the structures, you can use them for yourself. Florentina has therefore made it her mission to illuminate these gaps in knowledge and to make the background and connections of the music business visible. In addition to her work as a manager, Florentina has also founded 'MusiCoWomen' - a network for women in the music industry - together with two colleagues.


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Foto by Yvonne Hartmann