Elena Schirm

Elena has been working in the field of artist relations for 10 years and is now a systemic coach. As a little girl from Sauerland, she was always fascinated by music and show business. She was more interested in the backstage area than the stage itself. She wanted to know what happens behind the scenes to create that special magic on stage. What happens when the spotlights go out and you raise the curtain?! Today she knows, because she has worked with exciting personalities in the show business of the music industry (among others for Circus HalliGalli with Joko & Klaas, The Voice of Germany, Universal Music,...). Among them are Grammy Award winners, music legends, well-known national and international artists who have great visions and goals. Whether at the beginning of their music career or on the way to the next level, Elena knows how important the work backstage is to make the show on stage captivating. In addition, from personal experience, how much pressure it makes when stage ego and personal backstage area are not tuned in.... In her work with artists she puts special focus on the inner voice, the right mindset and authenticity. She takes care of the inner soundcheck and gives back the score sheet so that artists* have the right (mind)set. THEMATIC HITS ON HER PLAYLIST Authenticity ⋆ External Effect ⋆ Artist Identity ⋆ Artist Mindset ⋆ Bye Bye Self-Doubt ⋆ Energy Management Expectation Pressure ⋆ Identity Crises ⋆ Inner Critic ⋆ Interview Training ⋆ How to Handle Shitstorms ⋆ Hypnosis ⋆ Creativity Blocks ⋆ Stage Fright ⋆ Mental Health Support ⋆ Music- Life-Balance ⋆ Performance Pressure ⋆ Private Conflicts ⋆ Rampant Behavior ⋆ Stress Management ⋆ Songwriting Support ⋆ Systemic Coaching