Bertram Denzel

Bertram Denzel, born 1969 in Freiburg i.Br., grew upin Spain and France, has been living in Berlin since 1988 as a DJ and musician.

In addition to numerous band engagements, he has been composing film music since the mid-1990s, initially for short films.

The first long film, Hendrik Handloegten's debut film "Paul is Dead", was honored with the Adolf-Grimme-Prize in 2001. Since then, 7 films with Denzel's music have been nominated for the Grimme-Prize, most recently Tukur-Tatort "Wer Am I? "(Director: Bastian Günther).

The autodidact was also nominated for the "Rolf Hans Müller Prize for Film Music 2014" for the score for "Alaska Johannson" (Achim von Borries), and the electronic duo denzel + huhn has so far published 4 recordings, most recently "Brom" (2015) to octaf / compact.

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