You can contact the Music Pool Berlin with all questions pertaining to the music business (Germany specific, but not limited) or ask for help in planning your professional career.

As an introduction we suggest the free 45-minute orientation consultation. In these first steps you can ask all of the basic questions with our consultants that you may have. Examples are: How do I get into the Künstlersozialkasse (artists social insurance), or how to become a member of Gema (collecting agency for music rights). The consultants will be prepared with answers and have suggestions on what steps could be taken, inform you of the monthly workshops we offer, or direct you to other services or people in the city. When the consultation does not suffice the time, the consultant may suggest a further consultation on the expert consulting sessions.

How does it work - Start with the Orientation Consultation:

Simply make an appointment for an orientiation consultation per e-mail or the below web form. One of our consultant team members will contact you and coordinate a meeting. Important: it is not possible to just stop by - please sign up at least one day in advance via email or web form. The orientation consultations take place every Wednesday and Friday. 

Workshops, Expert Consulting Sessions, Coachings:

Music Pool Berlin organizes, together with the pool of experts, its own workshops and expert consulting sessions that coincide with question and themes which come out of the orientation consultation. Examples of possible topics are crowdfunding options, or getting your music in film and advertising, or digital rights publishing, etc. All scheduled dates will be updated on our calendar
In addition, a possibility for an individual coaching may be decided, with the pre-requisite participation in our orientation consultation and by suggestion from the consultant.

Monthly Community Evenings:

Music Pool Berlin organizes monthly community evenings at different venues in the city for everyone to just come by. You find the date, topic and venue of our next community evening in our calendar.

Did you already take part at a consultation?

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Registration Form

Heads up - in the following form, you will find many questions that all participants in our consultations and workshops need to fill. We are aware that we are asking for lots of your data. Many of the data, we need to collect for the European Social Fund (ESF) that provides funding for our project. Please read also the note on the collection of personal data below this form. Some of the answers will help our consultants to prepare for the meeting with you. We would like to provide a lighter registration process, but the ESF requires the data for statistical analyses of its funding programmes.

This field only applies, if you have selected "registered job seeker" above. This information needs to be captured for the European Socialfund (ESF) that co-funds this project. As all other captured personal data, this will be forwarded to the ESF in anonymized format for statistical purposes. Please also see the note on personal data at the bottom of this form.
You only need to answer this question if you said "yes" to the question above on the household with everyone unemployed.
Please indicate "yes" and the country of origin if 1) you don't have a German passport, or 2) you were born outside of Germany and migrated here after 1st January 1956, or 3) the first two options are true for one of your parents.

Note on the collection of personal data: The European Social Fund (ESF) co-funds Music Pool Berlin. The ESF requires the collection of participants' personal data as part of the funding agreement. In our German privacy statement, you find a detailed explanation why the data are collected and how they are being used in order to monitor and evaluate the project. The ESF also has published a detailed info sheet on the collection of personal data as part of ESF-funded projects, which we also need you to sign at the workshop or consultation. All the detailed privacy-related information is currently only available in German. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us.


Seit Mai 2019 arbeiten wir mit dem Ticketverkäufer Reservix zusammen. Alle die sich für einen Music Pool Workshop anmelden, werden beim Absenden der Anmeldung direkt auf unseren Reservix Webshop zum Bezahlen weitergeleitet. Der Preis für die Workshops von 20 Euro beinhaltet alle Gebühren und die Umsatzsteuer. Alles was ihr braucht ist ein Konto bei Reservix, wozu nur eine Mailadresse und ein Passwort nötig sind. Die Daten, die ihr zuvor auf unserer Webseite eingebenen habt werden NICHT an Reservix weitergeleitet, sondern bleiben, wie bisher bei uns. Die ganze Umstellung soll uns und euch das Leben leichter machen! 

I would like to create an account, in order to save my data for future registrations. This makes sense for those, who plan to participate in further workshops or consultations, as otherwise this form needs to be filled again individually for each registration.