Patrick Wagner

Patrick was frontman of "Surrogat" and co founder of the Indielabel "Kitty-yo". His music sense is free from genre and style, which brought up and supported projects and bands like Peaches, Gonzales, Kante, Tarwater, Maximilian Hecker, Jeans Team, Raz Ohara, to a new level. Later on he worked for Universal as an A&R and Head of Marketing. Beck, Sportfreunde Stiller, Mars Volta, Sonic Youth, Virginia Jetzt, Kissogram made it through his door and he saw the ups and downs of the major business. He quit and founded Louisville Records GmbH, home of acts like Naked Lunch, Kissogram, Puppetmastaz, Navel, Jolly Goods... More in depth details about the music biz he gained in the time at Sellaband Music GmbH in the areas of fundraising and Crowdfunding. With Patrick we have got a all round talent in the music business in our pool. He knows the ups and downs the good and bad's as well as the dos and don'ts.