Niloufar Behradi-Ohnacker

As a blog rebel, she is always on the lookout for a good story and is herself part of the story. Because as a blogger it is not enough to tell about others. As a brand manager, she has managed to establish the brand Blogrebellen in the digital, German-speaking scene. After graduating from school in the late 1990s, Niloufar Behradi had no idea that she would start blogging a few years later and make money telling stories. But what moved her at that time was music. Today she sits on a couch in her interviews with Trettmann and others, talks with Andreas Sennheiser about the visions of the Sennheiser company and travels to various European festivals, which she processes together with her husband and partner in V-Logs. As a media coach she is a guest lecturer at the Pop Academy in Baden-Wüttenberg or at the Reeperbahn Festival, the Waves Vienna and the c/o pop connvention.