Johanna Bauhus

Produktdesign und Prozessentwicklung, Labelbossin Ladies&Ladys Label /// Mitgründerin Safe The Dance /// Mitentwicklerin Network The Networks /// Bassistin und Managerin "Wenn einer lügt dann wir" /// Veranstalterin ***************************************** In 2016, she founded the feminist music label "Ladies&Ladys" and fights with her team on all fronts against sexism in the music industry. For example, they developed Germany's first gender-sensitive music contract with "anti-sexism clauses" and have already released five newcomers in 2021. Ladies&Ladys Label has an infrastructure for digital releases that works just like major labels - only DIY and (almost) without money. She did "Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs" at the Linz music label "SBÄM" and was allowed to turn big punk rock festivals into a safe space with her awareness concepts including team trainings. She is also an organizer, product developer and innovation manager, an expert in awareness and diversity work and experienced in writing grant applications. (c) Foto by Sandra Ludewig