Dr. Jan Michael Kühn

Dr. Jan Michael Kühn has been a sociologist and DJ / blogger / booker / organizer as "Fresh Meat" at the "Berlin Mitte Institute for Bessere Elektronische Musik" since 2005. He wrote a diploma thesis (2009) on "Creativity and Practice of Electronic Dance Music Homerecording-Studios "and promoted with the innovative" theory of the scene economy and aesthetic subculture of electronic dance music "in the year 2016 at the Technical University Berlin by means of a scholarship of the Hans Böckler Foundation. Since 2005 he has regularly been in clubs and has been a resident DJ and a booker for various organizers. In 2012, he organized the pro-seminar "The Sociology of the Techno-Scene" at the Technical University of Berlin and regularly traveled all over Germany for lectures and panel discussions. He co-curated the panels of the Berlin Music Days in 2013, co-organized the conference "The Productivity of Music Cultures" in 2014.