Florian Unruh

The VocalCenter founder Florian Unruh lives and coaches singers in Berlin. He specializes in artist development and voice management, where he is involved both in the artistic development process and in special career challenges. For this purpose, he has developed two training packages: the TourTraining and the StudioTraining, in which singers are supervised and prepared individually and specifically for everyday touring or studio productions over a period of time. Born in the city that doesn't exist - Bielefeld - Florian came into contact with music at a young age. After the usual piano and singing lessons and early songwriting ambitions he took over the children's choir of the church at the age of 15 and was engaged in various choir and musical productions. During his music studies in the Netherlands he came across the singing technique Estill Voice Training, in which he was trained and gained experience in various music schools and private lessons in his own studio. When he moved to Berlin, he supplemented his qualifications with vocal therapy training and since then has worked independently as a vocal coach in the Berlin pop scene, also in collaboration with producers and management. Florian gives workshops and master classes to singers, students and vocal coaches, teaches Estill and increasingly works with newcomers. His vision is to make full use of the new possibilities and trends of the music world and to strengthen the awareness for singing quality and voice health in pop again. www.vocalcenter.berlin https://www.facebook.com/VocalCenter.Berlin/