Albrecht Ziepert

Albrecht Ziepert is a German musician and composer. Since 2008 he has been composing for various theatre productions, contemporary dance pieces, movies as well as audiovisual and site-specific projects. Already in 2008 he got invited to »ARS Electronica« for a performance with the audiovisual project preEnter at Brucknerhaus Linz / Austria. In 2010 he received an award at the Novara Cine Festival in Mailand for his film music of »Stiller See« by Lena Liberta. During 2011 he became musical director for various productions at Deutsches Theater in Göttingen, working relations with director Mark Zurmühle as well as Ayman Harper, Catarina Mora, Efrat Stempler, Michael von zur Mühlen, Michaela Dicu and Sven Miller. In 2012 he arranged his first commissioned orchestra piece for the renowned MDR Sinfonieorchester, conducted by Torodd Wigum at music festival »Sinwald – neues Festival für Musik« curated by Daniel Smutny. In 2013 he released the album »Faust – Music for Theatre« that has been composed for the theatre performance »Faust! Der Tragödie erster und zweiter Teil« directed by Mark Zurmühle at Lokhalle Göttingen. In 2015 he recomposed »Faust – Music for Theatre« for a concert with philharmonic orchestra Jenaer Philharmonie, conducted by Marc Tardue at »Novalisfest« in Jena. However in 2015 he also composed for the symphony orchestra STÜBAPhilharmonie and created an interactive sound installation called »Move« that has been presented at dance festival »POST-« at DOCK 11 in Berlin and »Athens Dance Video Project« in Athens January 2016. Albrecht Ziepert is a member of the performance collective MS Schrittmacher as well as pianist of the electronic band Pentatones and the sound collective No Accident In Paradise.