WORKSHOP -The Road to Publishing // A Songwriter's Perspective

Montag, 20 August, 2018 - 14:00 bis 18:00
Warschauer Str. 70a, 10243 Berlin

This workshop will give you an intense and very helpful overview from a professional songwriter's perspective on how to be prepared to and actually get your first publishing deal.

How does this area of the music industry work in general? What do I need to know, how can I be best prepared to take my first successful steps towards my first publishing deal? 

This workshop is for everyone, who is writing music and wants to turn this into a profession, a real pro will guide you along the way.



>>>Publishing and​ its Parts

  • Short intro on Performing rights societies and their operations.
  • What is Publishing its purpose and practicalities, how is it different to a label?
  • Library Music, how does it work how can it serve as an asset to your skill set in acquiring a
  • publishing deal?
  • Working to briefs, separation between artist and commercial viability / simplicity.
  • Defining your skill set / what assets do you need to become appealing to a publisher?
  • As singer / writer / producer and in business.
  • Once you define your role how can you monetise and what should you be charging for your services,
  • covering buyouts, toplining, production, researching the artists you work with. Working with splits and percentages, what is your worth/how can you assert.


>>>As a Creative​ and a Digital Artist

  • Building an online presence , EPK , your broadened ability.
  • Your daily workflow & best practices - lucid living.
  • Critical understanding & listening/ feedback.
  • Developing your contact bases and partners.
  • Expanding the net.
  • Nothing is wasted - ever.

>>>Writing to Brief 

>>>Q and A