Galina Emelina

Galina Emelina is a creative business & purpose coach with extensive cross-industry experience. Her academical background consists of media & cultural studies, design thinking, UX/UI design & popular music studies. As a lecturer and innovation coach, she has supported numerous international organizations in bringing new products & services to life. As a start-up mentor for various climate innovation programs, she has helped the creation of new & ecologically sustainable businesses. Galina loves to empower individuals and teams on their personal and professional journeys towards the realisation of their potential and missions. In 2016, she started to pair her innovation coaching skills with mindfulness, yoga and personal development techniques, so that was born. Within the creative industries, Galina has elaborated the following workshop topics & seminar series: "Branding & Social Media Video Production", "Impactful Pitch & Presentation Skills", "Creative Life Vision & Roadmap", "Artist Identity & Career Development"