Everything you need to know about Music Supervision

Montag, 26 Juli, 2021 - 14:00 bis 18:00

To earn money with music - the dream of many. But you don't always have to be on stage. Sarah Rimkus explains to you what a music supervisor does, which clients and projects she looks after and how you can earn money as a musician, songwriter or producer in the field of sync or work together on commissioned compositions.

This workshop will give you an overview of the work of a music supervisor based on some case studies.

So if you are a composer, producer, musician, songwriter, sound designer,...etc., please come and see us. Please bring your own experiences and examples to exchange.


  • Intro - Sarah Rimkus (resume)
  • What does a music supervisor do? -[ Audience Gasps ] Music production? Sync & Licensing? Cooperations?
  • Industries, potential clients (advertising agencies, film productions, directors, freelancers, creative directors...)

    • How to start? How to network?
    • Order placement / Acquisition
    • Fees, negotiation, budgeting, offers
    • Customer budget: which information from the customer do I need to write an offer
  • The art

    • The customer briefing
    • The creative process - Musicresearch for Moods or Sync, Research Composer/Musician or Rights Clarification Publishing
    • CASE STUDIES (The Tampon Book, Terre des Femmes, Buffalo Campaign, Friends Will Be Friends, documentary film)
  • Paperwork (GEMA, GVL, notifications, ...)
  • deepening of learning outcomes on the basis of some concrete case studies
  • Q&A